About - Jillian Kendrick

I see you out there, bouncing back and forth between different Facebook pages, different coaches, not really sure which path to take. I see you opting into free stuff, hoping that this is gonna be the one that changes everything. But, are you just opting, or are you implementing?

I see you because I was you. I was that girl who would download every freebie there was, but they never made me stacks of cash. I was the woman who spent years helping other entrepreneurs grow to million-dollar businesses and had nothing to show for it. I wasted time hoping that my clients would see how hard I worked for them, and reward me for how much I’d helped them earn. But that hope never came true.

So finally, after years of being pushed over, walked on, overworked, and underpaid, I was done. I told myself if I can help other entrepreneurs grow multimillion-dollar companies, why can’t I do it for myself? And that’s exactly what I did!

Now, that decision didn’t create instantaneous success. I still had to work hard, work nights, write my butt off, and hustle like there’s no tomorrow. I still had to run my consulting business to fund this new coaching business. With a ton of hard work and taking action on my dreams, I was able to get my new coaching business up and running! Within 3 weeks I had created my Opt-in, Website, two products, joined a mastermind and I was off to the races!

I knew the only way to build the business of my dreams was to invest in myself, create one win every day, no matter how small, and build my dreams into reality. I did so much I was able to get my business up and running within three very short weeks. That quickly turned into a six-figure business and just grew from there. And now, I help business owners and entrepreneurs like you grow their business and gain traction online.

My college professor once told me that “hope is not a strategy for life.” I now know that Hope is the spark, Action is the fuel, and Belief is the vehicle that drives you towards your goal.

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I can’t wait to help you create the business of your dreams!